Our Process

  • Dust all surfaces ledges windows silks and Blinds (Daily).
  • Daily sweep and wet mop all floors
  • Clean and Disinfected top, Phone-Keyboards-Door Knobs -elevator Buttons -Light switches .
  • Clean wall, to remove marks and stains as need it.
  • Restroom cleaning (Daily Clean, urinals , toilets, wipe all counters, polish sink, restock and sanitize all restroom)
  • Clean all Breakrooms (wipe down counter clean sinks, tables, and chairs daily)
  • Clean all Common areas (sweep and mop all floors and all carpet areas daily)
  • Wipe down glass entrance (Interior and exterior)
  • Clean all tenant offices (sweep and mop and or vacuum.)
  • Empty trash cans, wipe downs tables and counters daily
  • Spot Vacuum all carpet areas (daily)
  • Disposal all trash and carboard to the dumpster (daily)

We use Certified Disinfecting Cleaner That Kills bacteria germs and viruses. Our employees gear up with M and C Janitorial Shirt (Uniform) and we do our cleaning wearing gloves and mask Daily.